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1 December 2022
Ladies and Gentlemen

The competition on Tuesday 6th December will be an individual Stableford.  We will be using our winter card which is the top 7 holes on the 18 plus the 9 hole course.  N/P and Pro’s Approach holes will be decided on Tuesday, the 2s competition will only count on the 18 hole course.  Please be aware and prepared that it might be carry only on the 18 hole course as it was this Tuesday.  There is room to play if your names not on the list just turn up at 0900.

The winter start times on the 18 hole course and the 9 hole course are as follows:-

Please try to keep up with the group in front of you as we have Tee Times booked as you come off the 9 hole and start on the 18 and likewise from the 18 going to the 9 hole.

Play well and see you Tuesday.