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21 October, 2021
Ladies and Gentlemen

The Competition on the 26/10/21 is an “Individual Stableford / The NOSE”, a 3 Ball team competition where the nine holes beginning with a N-O-S-E ( 1-6-7-8-9-11-16-17-18)  Stableford scores combine to produce the total team score. Team captain/marker maintains a full individual team Stableford score card for handicap, eclectic and best individual Stableford score to win a Tenner and lose a shot of their handicap. 
NP on holes 2 and 11 with Pro’s Approach on hole 15. 2s competition as normal to win the money.

Don’t forget the next Away Day at Ferndown Forest on Friday 5th November.  Dave needs to confirm numbers going by next Tuesday so he can book Tee Times also the breakfast rolls and meals.

Play well and see you on Tuesday.
Cheers Colin